Sergo is a nickname that I've used as my online persona since the late-1990s, when my high school ID card included a misspelling of my first name, Sergio. Oddly, my last name, Figueiredo, was spelled correctly.

Here's what I look like in person [right].

I serve as an Assistant Professor of Social and Digital Media in the Department of English at Kennesaw State University, where I teach courses on rhetorical theory, digital rhetoric, media theory and production, publishing and design, graphic storytelling/narrative, technical communication, and writing theory and practice. These interests are tied together by an overarching interest in rhetoric, technology, and poetics.

Currently, my research focuses on Rodolphe Töpffer's nineteenth-century work on the invention of comics, specifically as a response to the new technologies that started to emerge during the Industrial Revolution. I'm also working on some new projects experimenting with Töpffer's theory of rhetorical invention and 'the art of the comic poet.'

For more information about my work, see the other sections of this portfolio.

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Sergio Figueiredo